If you are a builder and wish to discuss options for building a home in Preiners Preserve, please contact Pam Westlund directly at 763-427-7500.

Our relationships with subcontractors, landowners and homebuyers is important to us - our reputation and future relies on them. We strive for integrity and believe in loyalty.
— Pam Westlund, CEO

About Us

Founded in the 1960’s by Lawrence Carlson, Woodland Development has artfully crafted select pieces of beautiful property into some eighty-five residential communities and neighborhoods.  Through careful planning and committed steps toward preserving the natural beauty of the land, the company has become a leader in the local real estate community.


In 1988, Woodland Development acquired the Majestic Oaks Golf Complex.  The company immediately began an extensive program designed to enhance an already superlative golf experience.  The goal was to give a select number of new home and townhome buyers the opportunity to enjoy the wide open beauty and sweeping vistas of the courses from the comfort of their homes.


Within three years of acquiring the most pristine home sites, Woodland Development naturally began building townhomes on the course.  The flexible design coupled with beautiful vistas and spacious common areas increased their popularity.  Woodland soon realized another “niche” in their business.


Today, Woodland Development is proudly carried on by Lawrence's daughter, Pamela Westlund.  Pam is devoted to the business with the same integrity and caring spirit as when it was founded.