Howard Lake is surrounded by lakes, fields, wooded areas, and wetlands that make up this city's natural resources; all within easy reach of the metro area. In fact, this blend of country living and big city comforts caught the eye of author and radio personality Garrison Keillor, who featured a full page photo of the shores of Howard Lake in his book "In Search of Lake Wobegon". The book is Keillor's answer to many years of fans asking him where his fabled town of Lake Wobegon is located.

The City of Howard Lake is rich in history that is nicely balanced by the technology of the present. The city contains a leisure mix of fresh, new construction, as well as preserved historical housing, with some neighborhoods featuring architecture dating back to the 1800's.

Lake Ridge is in school district #2687. Currently, Elementary students will attend nearby Waverly Elementary; the junior high is Howard Lake Middle School and high school students will attend Howard Lake High School. With the ever increasing population within this school district, we recommend that you confirm this information prior to purchasing a lot.